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Christopher is a Yorkshire based Director of Photography with over 20 years of experience behind camera.


He has shot a number of  BAFTA and NTA winning dramas and in 2023 won the international ROSE D'OR for BBC Casualty.


He also works across shorts and commercials.


He has 3 nominations for National cinematography awards over the past 7 years and is an award winning photographer, a skill that he transfers into his cinematography crafting scale and mood.


With his photography he creates great depth and movement in shots combined with contrast and shape.


He takes care to photograph the artists with the most complimentary light and optics to create a filmic look. He is a very creative, friendly, flexible person with a calm attitude.


He is used to working at a fast pace as that is his background and is renowned for supporting a Director’s vision.


Experienced with the latest camera systems from Arri Sony Red and Canon

Bases in Yorkshire, Manchester, Wales, Newcastle, and London.

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Christopher has 11 years experience working as a Director of Photography. In 2016 he shot the NTA and BAFTA award winning car crash episodes for Emmerdale. He has also been selected to shoot many of the programmes most ambitious event episodes. In 2014, 2017 and 2018 he was shortlisted for National Drama Photography Awards. Christopher also works across Drama and Commercials. Christopher is an award winning photographer and transfers this scale and mood into his cinematography

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